success stories.

Buying merch should be fun and rewarding.

Our HDS employees go out of their way to help clients create best-in-class promotional merchandise programs and have fun doing it. We take out the stress and worries. Here are a few of many stories demonstrating this commitment:

“you made me look good” and other client goals

A financial advisory company wanted HDS to provide health and wellness boxes to their 3,600 employees. The boxes included food items, masks, exercise stretch bands, cups, postcards and packaging. Each item needed to be sourced and approved by the client, then purchased or printed and packaged neatly into boxes. It was all on a very tight deadline.

We are used to challenging turnarounds, but this one took top place for challenges. Delays in the process and a power outage at one of our suppliers kept us on our toes. But we worked through each issue with diligence and perseverance. Once the items arrived at our warehouse, we tapped several people to help. We worked over the weekend and got all the boxes packed and out on time.

The Result? Not only did the product arrive before deadline, but our client was thrilled. Employees loved the boxes and told our client so. In fact, appreciation was spread publicly through social media. “You made me look good,” our client gushed.

we are all humans – which means we value relationships

When we first met one of our industrial supply company clients, they were having significant challenges with their uniform program. Their supplier’s restrictions (on sizes, gender and color) were constantly causing inventory control issues. Additionally, our client was investing too much time trying to manage orders from 900 different locations.

We needed to reduce all the complexity. We jumped in as their partner and helped then consolidate their ordering procedures. This saved them time and also gave them more centralized control. Then we brought in a new uniform manufacturer who offered access to more products in multiple colors within the appropriate price ranges. Next, we introduced our client to our own decoration and fulfillment abilities and this provided flexibility for future orders.

When our relationship started humming, we got referred to additional departments within the company. And soon we were supplying not just uniforms, but employee awards, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts and other promotional merchandise for tradeshows & events.

Looking back, the key to developing the synergy we have with this client was our natural ability to develop relationships. Sure, the most important step is to provide solutions, but not everything is all business. We invested in the relationship. On each visit, we genuinely cared about the human connection which led to learning about their families, their kids’ soccer games, and the next vacation they are going on. We also shared a few laughs. This created a solid relationship built on trust. And like all good relationships, the more trust there is, the better it works.

all hands on deck: our secret formula for getting it done

One of our NFL clients turned to us for help with a game day giveaway. The deadline was extremely tight. And the task was important: suggest, produce and deliver the perfect item within budget and on an unimaginable deadline.

This is not an unusual request for us. We live for this! Clients often tell us their products must WOW and also arrive in less time than most feel comfortable.

After some brainstorming and back and forth on product ideas, we landed on a fun drink insulator with a full-color insert to accommodate a client request for additional messaging. In suggesting the insert idea, we also knew it would put us in a time crunch. We did it anyway. Having an insert meant extra steps required to stuff thousands of insulators in a 24 hour period. But the insert was the best solution, so we had to make it work.

When the insulators arrived for inserting, it was all hands on deck! From warehouse workers to executive managers, everyone pitched in. Some stayed at the office late into the evening. Others took product home to keep working on it. By the next morning, the insulators were ready, and we delivered them to the stadium with time to spare.

The help of a great team at HDS made this happen for our client. And the best part is that our client had no idea this massive effort was going on behind the scenes. When we say we can do something, clients know we always deliver.

Testimonial Open Quote

I’d say we go to great lengths to solve problems for our clients. On one occasion, a client’s order of sanitizers was not going to arrive on time. We looked around and realized we had sanitizer in inventory. We used this inventory, affixed the client-branded labels to it and shipped these instead. The product made it on time. You do what you have to do.

-HDS sales partner

Testimonial Close Quote

because what is a golf outing without the awesome giveaways?

We support a lot of golf outings. And just like golfers to tee times, our products must be ready and on time for golf outings – or they miss their window of greatness. For one particular golf outing, our shipper messaged us that our golf giveaways were delayed in transit and would most likely miss the golf outing entirely.

That was unacceptable.

We know shipping delays can and do happen. But how we react to that news is what makes all the difference.

We instinctively got to work understanding the logistics and making arrangements to bypass the typical shipping processes. We would take matters into our own hands. On Saturday morning, our selfless service rep drove two hours to the FedEx hub where our product was sitting. She stashed the boxes in her car, drove directly to the golf outing and hand delivered our product to the client. She also stayed to whip together the welcome bags so by the time the first foursome stopped by, the event looked flawless.

Our client was thrilled! During a time when she had more to do than deal with pesky shipping problems, we took care of everything FORE her.

to get 100% satisfaction, sometimes we become macgyver

Our client ordered 250 beach umbrellas with stands for an in-store display. The umbrellas looked great. The problem was that the screws (included in the stands), weren’t long enough to adjust the height of the umbrellas.

The client asked if the factory had a different part to make it adjustable. They did not.

The client would probably have made it work without it being perfect. But we didn’t like settling. When your client asks you if something can be done, you exhaust all your resources to try. And that’s exactly what we did.

The first step we took was ordering a few samples and then taking those screws to a tool shop to try and find something that could fit. Our factory representative did the same. Between the two of us, we’d figure it out. But neither of us could find a part in a store, so we needed to get creative.

We decided to measure everything out and then order the pieces to make the screws ourselves. This sounds laborious, but it’s what we had to do to make the situation the best it could be.

After the umbrellas shipped to HDS, we used a vice to make the screws, and included these new pieces in the umbrella kit.

The client received our retrofitted kits, set up the umbrellas and became extremely happy that they could be adjusted. The client didn’t realize what went into that project, but we got satisfaction knowing he was 100% satisfied and not 95%.

the pandemic made us all problem solvers

In March 2020, one of our clients was to kick off a series of meetings for hundreds of people at 18 different locations. To support the meetings, we created 5,000 promo items and they were on our docks ready to ship out.

Then the pandemic hit.

It was hard to know what to do about events at that time. But we knew one thing: HDS was determined to help our clients. So, we went to work suggesting alternatives to support their meetings. How could they salvage their in-person meetings? How could they delight their attendees? Working alongside our client, we helped them re-allocate budget so that they could ship the original promo items in branded boxes. Then, once their meetings went virtual, we collaborated on developing a second promo box to support the virtual format.

Despite a lot of uncertainty in those months, these meetings appeared seamless, organized and thoughtful.

This particular client is not authorized to publicly endorse us, but our contact sent us an unsolicited email: ” I’m not allowed to put anything in writing to support our vendors, but if you ever need a reference for a potential customer, please feel free to share my name and contact info.”

Testimonial Open Quote

To make it easier on my clients, I fix their spreadsheets instead of asking them to do it. I also fix their artwork if it happens to be in the wrong format.

-HDS sales partner

Testimonial Close Quote

you might change your mind. (however, we’re ready).

Sometimes we get the luxury of time to plan, and this particular project started off that way. A client requested 250 nautical-themed clocks that they wanted to use as employee gifts. The event was several months away, so we had time to explore possibilities. For months, we provided ideas; issued various quotes; and provided samples for review.

When it came time to purchase, the client reduced the quantity to 11. A bummer, but no problem! We proceeded ahead with the order.

Fast forward a week, and our HDS sales rep was out of town for a Fall weekend enjoying a college football game. She received a panicked call on a Saturday afternoon. It was the client with a question: If the quantity was increased from 11 to 225 items, would they still arrive in Arizona in a week?

It was a good question without an immediate answer. But we started plotting likely scenarios. We explored everything from direct shipping to expediting options. Over the next few days, we negotiated with the factory, lined up options and set the order to go.

The final answer was YES, we could make 225 items happen. Consider it done.

the 150 party guests everyone was happy to see

On December 10th, we received an order from our client for 150 jackets. The jackets had to arrive eight days later in time for their December 18th holiday party. While this tight deadline was a challenge, it was complicated by the fact that the client was still collecting employee sizes for us. And one size on the list was an 8XLT – not a common one to have in inventory.

To find the single size, we ordered a similar jacket through a different factory, then decorated it in house to match the branding of the other jackets.

Through diligence and desire, we obtained all the sizes for the other employees and pulled every string possible to make sure those jackets arrived on the 18th. They did. And then the party could truly begin.

what clients say.

We always survey our clients to get their input and feedback. Below are just some of the hundreds of reviews we’ve received. Many applaud our rock star sales partners for their amazing customer service, and we couldn’t be more proud! Responsibly taking care of our clients is our #1 priority each and every time.

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“Mark was so helpful and so patient with my team. We couldn’t be happier with the end results. Thank you everyone for your Awesome work!!! :)”
-Major healthcare network in PA

“Couldn’t have had a better experience with Caitlin!!! She is so helpful, prompt, and genuine. Thank you!”
-Healthcare provider

“Awesome staff at HDS. Always timely and takes care of my needs!!”
-Medical provider

“Thank you for always responding to inquiries in a timely manner and delivering the product on time and sooner than other companies do. Product is always high quality.”
-Pediatrics provider

“Best promotional item buying experience hands down. Thank you so much for everything, the product looks fantastic and everyone is happy & excited to distribute to our staff.”
-Hospital in PA

“The new HDS store is awesome. Best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. Looking forward to working with HDS going forward.”
-Healthcare insurance provider

“The sales team was extremely accommodating and made a usually high-stress situation go smoothly. The items even arrived ahead of schedule.”
-Healthcare company

“The HDS team is wonderful. They are always quick to addresses our needs & requests. I couldn’t be happier with our partnership”
-Healthcare provider

“We decided to place an order late in our event planning. Mark and his team handled it promptly and professionally. I was very happy. Thank you.”
-Major hospital network

“Terry is always going above and beyond to help me place the orders I need, and to get the end product that I want. We frequently have revisions, which can be annoying, but Terry is always patient and accommodating. We receive high-quality products; the service rep who affixed our decals was incredibly professional, kind, and did an amazing job. I can’t say enough about the experience we’ve had with HDS.”
-Heart lab in Ohio

“Susan is excellent to work with. She is responsive, professional, helpful and always following up.”
-Healthcare logistics company

“Love your services year after year. The reps are always awesome! Thank you!”
-Healthcare logistics company

“The team was great. They answered questions, made suggestions on things I NEVER would have considered (and were for the better). Will totally use HDS again.”
-Healthcare provider in Ohio

“Kristy is always a pleasure to work with. I can trust that she takes time to consider our needs and presents us with multiple options in a timely fashion.”
-Major hospital network in Ohio


“The service was timely and great pricing. Thank you. Rachel was very helpful. The turnaround time was fast! Thank you.”
-Major League baseball team

“As always, a wonderful experience dealing with wonderful people at HDS!! Thank you.”
-Major League baseball team

“Jason is great to work with. He always is available quickly and understands our product needs. He finds solutions to whatever questions we throw his way.”
-Superbowl champion football team

“HDS has been great to work with.”
-National Basketball Association team

financial / insurance

“Many thanks to Monique for her OUTSTANDING customer service!”
-Major USA bank

“Monique and Michele are my ”go to” sources for promotional items. They are always very responsive, answer my questions immediately and offer interesting ideas and options. Thank you both!”
-Major USA bank

“HDS was wonderful to work with. Always very prompt in their responses and helpful during and after my ordering process.”
-Home & car insurance provider

“Great service and ability to execute. I really appreciate the teams help.”
-Home & car insurance provider

“Kelly is very efficient and helpful – always communicates and follows up. Our experience with your company has been great.”
-National bank

“Bill and Jean are wonderful to work with. Very professional and great attention to detail.”
-Investment firm


“Kristine was very responsive and very professional. What I really liked was how she stayed in communication with me regarding my order and its anticipated delivery date.”
-Human resources firm

“Working with HDS is always a great experience. I know I never have to worry when I send work to them.”
-Hospitality group

“I appreciate Kelly’s responsiveness and the timely delivery of our order.”
-Power management company

“I have always received excellent service from HDS. Your associates are professional and outstanding to work with.”
-Electrical company

“HDS is always so helpful. They always come through. Totally appreciate that for sure!”
-Power management technology

“The whole process of getting the quote and placing the order was great. I was kept informed of the progress of the order. Everything arrived in a timely manner and was correct.”
-Tooling manufacturer

“I’ve worked with HDS since 2017 and they have been very responsive to the needs of our company.”
-Communications company

“Jason is always helpful and amazing in the timely delivery of merchandise. Often, I may have multiple projects going on at the same time and he is able to keep track of what the needs are for each project, flawlessly.”
-Mobile provider

“As always Michele was great. Thank you!”
-Pharmaceutical company

“I love that HDS keeps my company info and logos on file for quick & easy ordering. HDS has tons of options, ideas, and selection for all of our needs.”
-Pharmaceutical specialties

“Thanks for working with me to meet my deadlines and being so helpful throughout the process!”
-Transportation company

“Yet another great experience with the HDS team. Thank you. Thank you for your service.”
-Industrial manufacturer

“The order we placed was the result of weeks of work on our end – gathering style preferences, colors and sizes from employees. We ordered over 200 shirts and jackets split between 6 different managers spread out across several states. Our HDS representative, Kelly, was amazing! She helped us every step of the way. It was a beast of an order, but Kelly handled it all in a calm, cool and professional manner. We will definitely call Kelly next time. The quality and the customer service of HDS really couldn’t be better.”
-Energy products company

“Mary is such a pleasure to work with. She is always prompt and responsive and looks out for our urgent needs as well as those that are not so time sensitive. Thank you for your efficiency and good quality items.”
-Mechanical power company

“Service and help are always very good.”
-Power transmission products company

“HDS is AMAZING!! We have asked for many items within a very short lead time. All of the staff and departments have always been extremely friendly, courteous and helpful. Very patient personnel who pay attention to detail. I usually work through Mary. That gal is truly on top of things. HUGE thanks to all of you.”
-Engineering power company

“Very easy to work with, fast turnaround time and great customer service.”
-Material science company

“Another vendor botched our order, so we reached out to John for help. He was able to turn this order around rapidly, and the quote wasn’t prohibitively expensive.”
-Plastics manufacturer

“I have really enjoyed working with John and Nancy. They treat me as if I am the most important customer. They are very responsive and available when needed.”
-Polymer materials & services

“Ashley is terrific to work with, she has great ideas, she gets the job done fast and accurate. Couldn’t ask for better!!!”
-Water technologies company

“Ashley is our representative and is wonderful to work with. She helps come up with ideas for items – I usually only have to say, hey Ashley, thinking of a mid-price nice bag for a giveaway. Have some options for me?” and she does all the leg work, mocks up the item with our logo, sends the quote, etc. She is and has been a HUGE help since I’ve been working with her the last several years!”
-Water solutions company


“Kelly is a great rep – responsive to our every need.”
-Major U.S. university

“Kelly was wonderful in getting this done in a super quick turnaround! We had to adjust the artwork but it was done instantly! Visual was very helpful!”
-University near Pittsburgh

“Kristine is who we work with. I am always pleased with her work efforts and response. I recommend her highly. This product was excellent as was the service.”
-University cares program

service companies

“HDS and I were way ahead of deadline and then there was a major change in copy on all elements of the project. I contacted my rep, Bill, immediately and he pulled the job till I could get new copy over to him. Furthermore, Bill made positive changes to some of the elements. And, by providing samples, he made it much easier to share the changes that needed to take place. Always looking out for us and helping us put our best foot forward, it is a pleasure to work with Bill.”
-Media group

“Ashley is always great and easy to work with.”
-Advertising agency

“If there was an option to select anything over 5, I would have! Working with Kristine and HDS was simple, transparent, and everything was finished in an astonishing short period of time. Everything was exactly how I wanted/what was shown on the quote.”
-Fitness center

“Once again, our HDS Account Manager stayed on top of things and got this project moving quickly to meet clients deadline for going out. From start to finish, all elements of project were timely provided as to quote, updates and final status of project ready to go out and dropped on time. Bill is great and really gets it and ALWAYS goes above and beyond in all projects I send his way.”
-Design agency

“Terry was extremely helpful throughout the process as we worked to secure masks for our workforce. He was quick to respond, was attentive, and provided regular updates until the order was received. We’ll be ordering from Terry and HDS again in the future. Thanks for your support in ensuring we could help keep our team safe during the crisis.”
-Transportation services

“Our Salesperson, John. always does an EXCELLENT job, as does Nancy whenever there’s questions or follow-up. Great Team.”
-Travel agency

“Kristy is an absolute blessing to work with and I will forever sing her praises – she is so tuned into her clients. She is diligent in follow up but where she really excels is in becoming an extension of our firm’s marketing team. She is not simply an order taker. She adds immense value by bringing new ideas to us and making sound suggestions and sharing best practices. I was beyond nervous to launch our first pop-up shop and she relieved any fears. Kristy loaded us up with great, top-notch products and the feedback reflected that. I have worked with Kristy since 2008 and am truly thankful for her partnership!”
-Law firm

“HDS is the best!!! Love our team there! Dream team!”
-Staffing services company

“Even in a world of crisis, Tara never fails to go ABOVE & BEYOND when helping our company. Thank you so much, Tara and the HDS team!!”
-Recruiting & staffing organization

“We had an issue with one item and it was corrected immediately! Everyone was great to work with.”
-Higher education advisor

nonprofits + associations

“It was a pleasure working with Bill. We will definitely use your company for any future orders.”
-Astronomical association

“Everyone was wonderful to work with and quick service!”
-Children’s museum

“A beautiful product that exceeded expectations. We’re a 501c3, and had to have the bill adjusted to reflect no tax status, but it was handled quickly and easily.”
-Transportation Services

“The customer service I receive from Bob and his associates has been over and above the norm from day one. They are consistently attentive and professional. What I appreciate more than anything else is the compassion and understanding they have of our mission.”

“We have been working with Jason for several years now. Jason will reach out to us first, to remind us to start the process of the ornament design. He provides us samples to review; keeps us updated on the process; and always makes sure we product in time for our donor event in early November.”
-National zoo

“Ashley went above and beyond! I contacted her late and she really hustled to make sure we got our service awards on time. She’s an excellent rep and I always appreciate working with her and with your company. Thank you, though, for being a reliable, efficient and attentive vendor for service awards!”
-Children’s advocates

“Bob reached out to us knowing that we were a homeless shelter and open 24/7. He came through for us with needed supplies in this time of turmoil. Great service – Thank you.”
-Home placement services

construction + development

“I LOVE Mary! She is super helpful and ALWAYS responds timely. She sends samples when we cannot decide and walks us through the process of choosing the best product for our needs. Everything she does is with excellence.”
-North American roofing company

“It’s always a pleasure working with Mary Jaber – The replies are quick and in a friendly manner. I enjoy her and appreciate her helpfulness. Thanks, HDS!”
-Roofing contractor

“Lisa provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to ensure our order was perfect. Quality of products and added embroidery were great. Would definitely recommend to others!”
-New home construction

“Excellent support from your representative. I’ll definitely use your service in near future.”
-Real estate development firm

“Mary was so helpful and all correspondence was very timely! Thank you.”
-Construction services company

“Great to work with and they responded back quickly.”
-Construction & engineering services

“HDS ROCKS! Always goes that extra mile for us. It’s a pleasure working with them.”
-Global construction company

“Worked with Mary on this order and she is fantastic! She is friendly, very personable and DELIVERS. Even if there had been a problem, Mary would have said, “No problem, I’ll take care of this.” Everything regarding this order went very, very smoothly. THANK YOU!”
-Construction project development company

“HDS is great to work with — patient, helpful, and very friendly. We’ll definitely use HDS again!”
-General contracting company

“Terry helped us out tremendously with the order/process. He was fully knowledgeable of products and always had a quick/definitive answer for us. Now that we’ve connected with Terry, we have no reason to look elsewhere for marketing solutions with my company. We would like to work with him from here on out. I also own another company and will be reaching out to Terry and HDS. Thank you!”
-Concrete company

“Ordered 250 shirts for a safety week event and we wanted a specific design added. HDS was quick and friendly with their responses! Great team to work with!”
-Engineering company

“Lisa continues to be the rock star for our business needs.”
-Steel structures company


“Excellent service/communication throughout entire process. Thank you!”
-Steel manufacturing

“As always, Floyd came through with an amazing product in a short amount of time. Thank you!”
-Power tools company

“Terry is a true professional. He goes above and beyond to get the job done right. I look forward to future business with him and HDS.”
-Software company

“Terry is awesome! Terry has been on top of things 100% of the time. He’s helpful, quick to get me answers, ideas, etc. I’m trying to get him more business on our marketing/sales side.”
-Mineral products company

“We gave blankets out to all our associates for the holiday. Everyone loves them. I really do love them and am so excited and loving the quality. HDS did an outstanding job in getting this order to me on time and with some of the problems in supply, everything worked out GREAT! Thank you again for TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER CARE.”
-Plumbing manufacturer


“Dan is THE MAN! Patient, kind, efficient, and responsive!”
-Long term care services

“Excellent product, service and communications.”
-Parking management company

“Awesome service, as always!!”
-Television provider

“My experience thus far has been great. Stephanie has been a huge help to us and is very timely on product ideas and quotes. Keep up the great work!”
-Commercial printing

“Everyone was incredibly great to work with! The entire process was smooth!”
-Medical associates

“HDS has always done an outstanding job on all my orders over many years.”
-Business solutions company

“As always, HDS was amazing to work with and was able to pull a quick miracle for us in the 11th hour for our event. We really appreciate all of their help in making our events a success.”
-Media organization

“Jason is not only responsive and helps me choose from options within my budget, but he is a pleasure to work with.”
-Online education services

“It is always a pleasure to work with your team.”

“I have been working with your company for years and have always been pleased with products and support. Terry is my representative and he is amazing. Thanks.”
-Protection products group

“I cannot say enough good things about all of the help I received from start to finish.”
-Chocolate manufacturer

“Kristy continues to be a huge help and support to me ordering promotional items for my company. I’m so thankful for her – she’s super knowledgeable, an absolute pleasure to work with, always makes me feel like she’s got my company’s best interests in mind, and makes this part of my job so much easier!”
-Trucking & transportation group

“Mary and Caitlin are always a pleasure to work with on every order we place. Mary always knows just what I need and makes sure I get it on time, every time!”
-Flooring company

“Last football season, my team worked with another vendor since we worked with that same vendor for NBA work. However, I had had a much better interaction with Jason from HDS and he stayed in consistent communication with me. When the time came this season that I needed premiums for an activation, Jason was ready and happy to help. I am so glad I made the swap from the past vendor to HDS!”
-Marketing organization

“Scott is the best and we love the shirts. Thank you.”
-Casino resort

“Kelly has been amazing to work with!! While we had an issue with an order, she immediately jumped in and resolved the issue, making sure that we received the updated product before our event. I know when working with her, I don’t need to worry.”
-Veterinary group

“Always great to work with. Conscientious. Fair pricing. Easy to work with. And Fast.”
-Consumer products

“Always amazing service from the Miracle Mile HDS Team!!”
-Community entrepreneurs

“We recently had a product that came with a whole host of logistical issues and it was our first time navigating. Dan and Mary were beyond fantastic in helping us through that process and ensuring that everything succeeded. Can’t sing their praises enough!”
-Political organization

“Kelly was awesome every step of the way. I was blown away how quickly my order was processed and arrived!”
-Tourism group

“It has been a pleasure working with Terry over the past 18 months. I look forward to continuing our partnership. Terry is a true professional.”
-Technologies organization

“Our representative, Tim, is incredibly attentive and helpful. I have had nothing but good experiences while working with him and look forward to continuing our partnership with HDS.”
-Dental Group

“I appreciate Floyd’s expertise, professionalism and helpfulness as I am new to this role.”
-Energy group

“Ned is the very best at what he does. He is helpful in every way and will go out of his way to get you what you need.”
-Computer security

“Mary was my hero with this order. The package got lost, but she was amazing – she got them re-made and shipped so they were received in time for our trade show. We could not have done it without her!!”
-Flooring services company

“Excellent service and product….as always! Thank you!”
-Safety sales company

“Betsi was awesome. She helped us getting something you didn’t carry and she personalized it for us. We are being plagued by many earthquakes (never before) and being able to give our customers something useful in an emergency was great.”
-Industrial supplies company

“Susan is amazing to work with. She is on top of everything that she does and very attentive.”
-Medical supplies

“This was my first experience with your company since my purchase of this business in February, but I was treated like a long-time customer. I will definitely use your service in the future. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.”
-Automotive company

“The communication and customer support were top class. The shirts were perfect. We will be doing business again.”
-Management services group

“We’ve had nothing but great service with every order we’ve placed with HDS.”
-Rubber roller company

“Stephanie was amazing and made this project – which could’ve been a nightmare – so much easier than I imagined. It’s rare to find such prompt responses and support. She was also fun to work with.”
-General services

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